Customized Anatomy and Physiology Solutions

bluedoor streamlines the production process so you can concentrate on teaching. You can publish with us a number of ways, including:

Utilize our extensive online database of labs to cover all aspects of your curriculum. Not only can you choose which labs you’d like to use, but you can also choose images from our database that you would like to accompany your labs to ensure students have a thorough understanding of the lesson you are instructing.

Supply your own labs that you have used in past classes or choose from our online database and edit each lab to incorporate any additional information or experiments you’d like to include. All labs are completely customizable to ensure all of your needs are being met.

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Everything you’ll need to publish your content.



Access to bluedoorCloud, an extensive database of lab content, photos, and artwork.



Our dedicated production staff is here to help you create and edit your content. bluedoor provides services including copy editing, content editing, layout/design, cover design, and custom artwork.



Whether it is printing or digital content distribution with bluedoor labs, we have you covered.

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